TaoTronics TT-DL036 LED Desk Lamp Review

TaoTronics TT-DL036 LED Desk Lamp Review


It’s everything you could want in a desk lamp, with wireless charging thrown in on top.

Modern technology can sometimes be frustratingly messy. The alluring promise that wireless charging might allow for a minimalist environment is somewhat spoiled by the necessity of wires. A small pad that needs its own outlet takes up valuable real estate. Surely there’s a more elegant solution? Enter the TaoTronics LED desk lamp, which cleverly folds speedy wireless charging technology into an angular, slightly futuristic-looking design with versatile touch controls. It’s everything you could want in a desk lamp, with wireless charging thrown in on top.

Angular design, different lighting modes
The TaoTronics LED desk lamp design isn’t exactly original. It’s large, standing around 17 inches tall, but it’s not very heavy. It is stable, though, because there’s a big round base, around 7 inches across.

A chiseled, hollow metallic arm connects to a plastic hinge in the base that can turn 90 degrees and swivel back and forth 150 degrees. At the top there’s another plastic hinge fixed into another metal arm which contains the LED strip. The head can swivel through 180 degrees or tilt up and down 135 degrees.

Whatever angle you seek, this lamp can accommodate, so it’s always easy to shine light on what you’re doing or angle it away from you for background illumination.

Things get even better with a simple touch sensitive power button on the base, flanked by a mode button, and a curved, touch-sensitive slider underneath. Tap the mode button to cycle through different color modes, starting with a clinical white with hint of blue, and going through to a warm orange that’s perfect for winding down at night. There are five different modes in all.

The  touch-sensitive slider lets you easily increase the LED’s brightness, with seven levels to choose from. There’s a sun icon at either end and ten circles between, which light up in twos. Being able to adjust the tone and brightness like this makes the lighting extremely versatile, allowing you to change the mood in your office quickly and easily. The lamp even remembers your settings and preserves them for the next time you turn it on.

We have reservations about the combination of silver metal and white plastic — it’s not that attractive. The lamp is not going to blend in seamlessly with every office setting. The lamp doesn’t stick out in low light environments; all you really see is the glow it’s emitting and the blue array of the brightness control. But when it’s sitting idle in the sunshine during the day, there’s a bit too much white plastic on show and the base section looks too busy.

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TaoTronics LED TT-DL036 Desk Lamp Review | Digital Trends

With a classic desktop design and some serious smarts, the TaoTronics LED desk lamp illuminates your desk from any angle, sports adjustable brightness and tone, and boasts a built-in wireless charging pad. We tested it out for a week, and here’s our review.


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