TaoTronics Launches Go For It, a New Short Film Celebrating Inner Strength of the Ordinary

TaoTronics Launches Go For It, a New Short Film Celebrating Inner Strength of the Ordinary


TaoTronics' Newly-Released Video Clip Uses Power of Sports to Stand Up for Individuality

FREMONT, CA – Nov. 2, 2017 – TaoTronics today unveiled its "Go For It" short film which underscores the brand’s essence of unshakable confidence in moving forward. Driven by the theme of empowerment, the short film celebrates and honors the achievements of the ordinary that rises above age comparisons and shines a spotlight on their unique prowess.

"I believe in the power of inner strength and how it can push you to overcome critics to go forward and accomplish what is seemingly impossible," says Allen Fung, General Manager of TaoTronics. “This video is a celebration of the dormant inner strength that lies within everyone.  It's a reminder for everyone out there who feels less than because of unnecessary comparisons, that they are strong and unique.”

Created in partnership with creative agency Overlay Movies, this short film captures the expression of one’s ability to break its own limits and the essential attitude to give the best of ourselves in the key moment.

“We are striving to bring together high-quality audio and freedom of movement,” continues Fung. “Our products are designed to be as comfortable as possible so they can keep up even with the most performance-driven users.”

TaoTronics’ latest short film is available to view at youtube.com, and users can learn more about it by joining the conversation on facebook.com/TaoTronics with #GoForIt.

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