This $18 portable lamp can brighten up your summer nights

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This $18 portable lamp can brighten up your summer nights


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TaoTronics Touch Lamp Table Lamps for Bedroom Living Room Dimmable Bedside Lamp Portable Night Light, Camping Lights, BBQ Light, Rechargeable Lamp with 4000mAh Internal Battery

Trip-Proof Design for Extra VersatilityFeel free to place the lamp where it best suits your décor without worrying that your baby might trip over it or worse play tug of war with the cable. Its vast compatibility makes it the ideal choice for your home, the office as well as for fishing, camping,...

Summer is the season for late nights under the stars, but sometimes you  need a little extra light. Flood lights from your back porch can be too  bright and unpleasant, and cell phone flashlights are never quite  enough. Besides, you can’t hold your phone over the grill and flip  burgers at the same time—not comfortably anyway.

You can upgrade your outdoor gatherings with an outdoor table lamp, and there’s a great deal on Amazon’s #1 best seller from TaoTronics. This portable touch lamp can go anywhere you do, so for $17.99 (an 18% discount from the usual $22), you can literally pick up a new way to light up your grill, picnic table or any other small area you could use a little extra light.

What makes the TaoTronics light more appealing than a flashlight or a lantern is its elegant look and its 360-degree range. Plus, it’s dimmable, touch-operated, rechargeable, and lasts 35 hours on a single charge. And for $18, you really can’t go wrong adding this to your arsenal of outdoor tools.

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This $18 TaoTronics portable lamp can brighten up your summer nights

From the backyard to the beach, bring this super affordable little table lamp anywhere you go this summer.

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